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Strong Communities Healthier People

Funding: £343,384.25 This Engagement project will build on a legacy of social science informed community-based research over the last 10 years in two of the Welsh Government’s Communities First Clusters.  The aim is to build on these past and current research projects and programmes to develop and pilot a sustainable model of collaborative research, education, engagement,…

Representing Communities: Developing the Creative Power of People to Improve Health and Well-being

Funding: £1.5 million The Project is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Communities, Cultures, Health and Wellbeing Research Grant. The aim of this project was to establish how community representations produced through creative arts practices (e.g. story-telling, performance, visual art) can be used as forms of evidence to inform health-related policy and service development….

ESF Leavers Survey

The aim of the European Social Fund (ESF) Leavers’ Survey was to assist in assessing the effectiveness of the 2007-2013 ESF Convergence and Competitiveness Programmes in Wales.  The two ESF Operational Programmes (referred to as the Convergence and Competitiveness Programmes) benefiting Wales for the programming period 2007-13 provided just over £1.4 bn1 of investment, with approximately…