Start date:
October 2013
End date:
September 2018
Economic and Social Research Council

About the Centre

The main aim of ADRC WALES is to create a world-class administrative data research centre,  that is widely known for its ability to access, link and make safe use of data for high quality research. Our work will be underpinned by a robust Governance framework. ADRC Wales has a set of objectives, these are to:

  • Provide powerful, robust, state-of-the art data linkage and data access facilities. This will include highly secure 'safe rooms' where researchers will work on the data.
  • Run a high quality, equitable and efficient 'customer focused' user support service, free at the point of access, ensuring that the analytical opportunities provided by  ADRC Wales are accessible to the widest possible community of researchers
  • Create a rich linked administrative data resource for the UK research community, by enabling datasets from different organisations to be used together safely.
  • Carry out original research using linked administrative data. This will include developing new methods for data linkage, working with government, law and ethics bodies on the Governance of data use, and working with the general public and organisations to understand their views on data linkage. We will work with other researchers to answer important social and economic research questions.
  • Provide a range of high-quality training and development opportunities for researchers, public service professionals and policy makers.
  • Involve members of the public in the work of ADRC Wales, and engage with the public to raise awareness of data linkage research, to understand the concerns they may have, and to seek to provide reassurance.
  • Build good working relationships and collaborations within the Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN), with Welsh Government, other UK governments, and their National Statistical Agencies (NSAs), the economic and social science research community and health researchers.

The Administrative Data Research Centre Wales (ARDC Wales), led by Professor David Ford at Swansea University is one of four UK Centres alongside England, Northern Ireland and Scotland operating within the ADRN (Administrative Data Research Network). ADRC Wales is based at both Swansea University and WISERD at Cardiff University.

The ADRN and its centres have been established to provide a safe, secure and transparent data linkage service for accredited, approved research in the UK with the aim of helping the UK towards ‘Better Knowledge for a Better Society’.  We welcome applications from researchers from academia and government departments, as well as third sector organisations that are eligible for Research Councils UK funding

Research team
Rhys Davies
Research Fellow, Associate Director of ADRC-Wales
Cardiff University
Dora Pouliou
Ian Thomas
ADRC Wales Research Support Officers
Cardiff University

Themes: Data & Methods