Family experiences of accessing Disabled Facilities Grants: a collaborative research study in Wales and Northern Ireland
Mackie, P.K., Bowen, K. and McKeever, B.
A study reporting on a survey of families in Wales and Northern Ireland who have tried to access a Disabled Facilities Grant.
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CIH Key Information Briefing Paper :Equality and Diversity: Understanding policy – promoting good practice
Inkson, S.
The briefing provides an overview of the legislation relating to equality and diversity, sets out the policy context for equality and diversity in Wales, identifies issues in relation to housing and provides a practice checklist for housing organisations, highlights some examples of positive and innovative
practice around the various equality strands.
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Housing pathways of disabled young people: evidence for policy and practice
Mackie, P. K.
A paper published in Housing Studies which explores the choices and constraints faced by disabled young people as they seek to live independently
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Evaluation of the use of Accessible Housing Registers by Social Landlords in Wales
Campbell, J.A & Berrigan, R
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