Who Cares: A guide to housing and community care planning in Wales
Graham Brotherton, John Parker and Robert Smith
Report published by Welsh Office Housing Management Advisory Panel

Home injuries and built form – methodological issues and developments in database linkage
Newcombe RG, Lyons RA, Jones SJ, Patterson J
This paper describes a methodology to study the effect of built form on injury rates
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Injuries in homes with certain built forms.
Lyons RA, Newcombe RG, Jones SJ, Patterson J Palmer SR, Jones P.
The study shows that injuries are far more frequent in terraced homes and purpose built apartments.
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Modification of the home environment for the reduction of injuries
Turner S, Arthur G, Lyons RA, Weightman AL, Mann MK, Jones SJ, John A, Lannon S
This Cochrane Collaboration paper summarises the state of knowledge on preventing injuries by modifying the home environment.
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Cohort Profile: The Housing Regeneration and Health Study.
Rodgers SE, Heaven M, Lacey A, Macey S, Poortinga W, Dunstan FD, Jones KH, Palmer SR, Phillips CJ, Smith R, John A, Davies GA, Lyons RA
This study demonstrates a novel large scale methodology for assessing the impact of improving housing conditions on health.
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Psychopathology in young people experiencing homelessness: A systematic review
Hodgson, Shelton, van den Bree & Los
A systematic review of studies examining mental health issues among young people who are homeless.
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