WISERD Civil Society is an ESRC research centre, undertaking a five year, multi-disciplinary programme of policy relevant research addressing Civil Society in Wales, the UK and Internationally. The centre’s research is producing  new evidence on the changing nature of civil society at local, regional, national and international levels. In addition, the programme describes and explains the impact of social change on local forms of civil society and civil society organisations; and examines what this means for social cohesion and well-being.

The Centre includes a suite of twenty three research projects, addressing four key thematic areas:

Projects explore a series of policy and practice relevant themes which impact upon civil society at local, regional and national levels. These include: education, volunteering, well-being, ageing, governance and diversity.

WISERD Civil Society includes co-investigators from twelve UK universities as well as international collaborators in Europe, North America and Australia. The Centre also works in close partnership with colleagues from the public, private, policy and third sectors.

The various research work packages in the WISERD Civil Society Centre can be accessed in more detail using the theme links above.

Download English leaflet and Welsh leaflet.

WISERD Director Professor Ian Rees Jones speaking at the WISERD Civil Society Centre launch in January 2015.