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Below is a list of publications related to the Knowing Localities Programme.


Jones M and Orford S (eds) People/Places/Policy: Knowing Contemporary Wales. Routledge


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Jones M and Paasi A, ‘Introduction: Regional World(s)’ Regional Studies (forthcoming)


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Jones M ‘Phase space: geography, relational thinking, and beyond’ Progress in Human Geography 33



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Samuel Brown wins WISERD Poster Prize 2017 sponsored by the Learned Society of Wales

13th July 2017

The Learned Society of Wales has announced PhD student, Samuel Brown from Swansea University, as winner of the WISERD Annual Conference 2017 Poster Prize. He receives an award of £200 from the Learned Society of Wales.


WISERD Annual Conference 2017

7th July 2017

On 5th-6th of July, WISERD colleagues were joined by academics across a diverse range of disciplines and other colleagues with an interest in the social sciences at Wales’s largest social science conference, which took place at Bangor University.


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