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Mapping active travel variations in access to key services in Wales - briefing paper front cover
Mapping active travel variations in access to key services in Wales

Introduction Events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic drew attention to the importance of local neighbourhoods as people were encouraged wherever possible to work from home, the physical and mental health benefits of active means of travel were promoted, and communities became more reliant on services in their local areas. At the same time governments around the…

Eurasian geography and economics
Rampart nations: bulwark myths of east European multiconfessional societies in the age of nationalism

Russia’s war against Ukraine, beginning in 2014 and intensifying in 2022, has stimulated much journalistic commentary, well-informed and ill-informed, on Eastern Europe since the end of the Soviet Union, considered by Putin a geopolitical catastrophe for the Russky Mir (Russian World). This perspective is encouraged by the quasi-philosophy of Alexander Dugin that has similarities with…

Western US Basque-American e-Diaspora: Action Research in California, Idaho, and Nevada
Western US Basque-American e-Diaspora: Action Research in California, Idaho, and Nevada.

Basque settlement increased in the western states of the US decades ago, particularly in California, Idaho, and Nevada. Alongside this migration phenomenon, Basque Studies programs have been emerging at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), Boise State University (BSU), and California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB), particularly in the humanities, including history, anthropology, linguistics, and literature….

Civil Society in an Age of Uncertainty - front cover of book
Digital threat or opportunity? Local civil society in an age of global inter-connectivity

This chapter examines the challenges and opportunities for local civil society posed by digital technologies, especially social media. Drawing upon case studies of local civil society groups in three localities in Wales – Aberystwyth, Cardiff and Swansea – they explored the dynamics of reconfiguration of local civil society and how the new digital technologies have…

Civil Society in an Age of Uncertainty - front cover of book
Xenophobia, hostility and austerity:: European migrants and civil society in Wales

This chapter highlights turbulence and uncertainty in relation to contemporary patterns and processes of migration. This has been driven by a variety of causes including the international rise of populism and Brexit. Many EU citizens have been targeted in xenoracist incidents. A review of the academic and policy literature underlines how many accounts take an…

Education, Work, Social Change in Britain's former Coalfield Communities.
‘Dirty, Dirty Job. Not Good for Your Health’: Working-Class Men and Their Experiences and Relationships with Employment

This chapter is based on qualitative research conducted in Aber Valley, South Wales, which explores the employment experiences and relationships of a group of working-class men who rejected formal education in their youth. Drawing on data from semi-structured interviews and visual methods, participants’ experiences and relationships with employment are, it is argued, influenced by community…

AEMI journal cover 15_16
Hyperconnected diasporas

Article in press, access restricted to Repository staff only until 12 October 2022. Abstract This article argues that, since the COVID-19 outbreak, ‘digital diasporas’ worldwide may have been shaped through stringent postpandemic societal pressing patterns by increasingly further exposing diasporic citizens’ digital rights unwittingly towards unprecedented technopolitical risks. Against this backdrop, this article poses a…

European Journal of Homelessness. Volume 15 issue 3, 2021
The Promises and Pitfalls of Administrative Data Linkage for Tackling Homelessness

To meet the challenges of tackling homelessness in a changing world, we need to understand its extent, causes, and consequences, and the impacts of efforts to prevent and alleviate it. Robust evidence from a diverse range of sources is therefore required to inform policy making and service delivery. One approach to meeting this need is…

Session Scaling Citizenship. AAG Annual Meeting
Are Emerging Digital Citizenship Regimes Rescaling Nation-States? Datafied States and Algorithmic Nations at Stake

State institutions may have already monopolized contemporary practices around citizenship. Actually, so far, traditional approaches around citizenship have framed it at the scale of the territorial state. Nonetheless, over the last decade, the flagship Big Tech firms of surveillance capitalism, such as Google and Facebook, have already assumed many functions and concentrated excessive technopolitical power…