Senior Lecturer (Honorary)
Cardiff University

Now retired my research has focused on: health and regeneration, Health Impact Assessment (HIA), health inequalities, social and economic change and health, lay knowledge, coproduction and 'civic intelligence'.  I have also worked with arts, and with artists, as providing modes of research, dissemination and action and as the basis for different ways of knowing.   


Much of this research has drawn on the experiences of communities such as in Wales, where local expressions of global economic developments, such as the decline of the mining and steel industries, are associated with very poor health.


I continue to write and to participate in the Cultural Participation Research Network (which I set up) which involves academic researchers, artists, representatives of arts and heritage organisations and community organisations in the coproduction of research. The CPRN is committed to social inclusion in the representation, production and consumption of culture in its broadest sense.  

Cultural Participation Research Network
We are a group of academics, creative professionals, and representatives from cultural organisations ranging from small arts groups and community groups to national heritage and arts portfolio organisations and local authorities. The Cultural Participation Research Network
Research Team:
Eva Elliott (Cardiff University)
Productive Margins
Overview Community engagement needs radical re-design. All too often decision-making is top-down and decision makers do not adequately engage, deeming ‘community engagement’ a passive exercise. Communities are often only invited to comment on decisions which have already
Research Team:
Martin Innes, Emma Renold (Cardiff University), Eva Elliott (Cardiff University), Gabrielle Ivinson (Aberdeen University)
Representing Communities: Developing the Creative Power of People to Improve Health and Well-being
Funding: £1.5 million The Project is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Communities, Cultures, Health and Wellbeing Research Grant. The aim of this project was to establish how community representations produced through creative arts practices (e.g
Research Team:
Gareth Williams, Eva Elliott (Cardiff University), Pete Seaman, Qulsom Frazil, Clare Barker, Roiya Saltus, Issie MacPhail, Joanna Skelt, Claire Mckechnie-Mason
Strong Communities Healthier People
Funding: £343,384.25 This Engagement project will build on a legacy of social science informed community-based research over the last 10 years in two of the Welsh Government’s Communities First Clusters. The aim is to build on these past and current research projects and
Research Team:
Gareth Williams, Ian Rees Jones (Cardiff University), Eva Elliott (Cardiff University), Martin O'Neill (Cardiff University)
Seminar Cultural Participation Research Network December meeting
1st December 2017 |
Join us for the second Cultural Participation Research Network meeting, we will be providing lunch and an opportunity for networking, as well as updating on developments so far. We will also be hearing about the seed corn funding and the projects...
Affiliate ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017: Class: The elephant in the room
6th November 2017 |
The middle classes run the arts; they define value, they define excellence, they define what the next new thing is. Don't they? Then what are the possibilities for change in an industry that undervalues and distances itself from working-class people...