Research Associate
Cardiff University

Laura’s research is centered on the linguistics of minoritized languages, with special focus on her native language of Welsh. During the course of her research in Linguistics, Laura has also contributed to research projects on the dialectology of Romani and Kurdish whilst at the University of Manchester where she completed her PhD on aspects of Welsh syntax and semantics in 2015.

Since returning to Wales, Laura has worked on pedagogical provisions in Welsh Linguistics at Bangor University in the form of an edited volume, Cyflwyniad i ieithyddiaeth, and on resource creation for Welsh language research as part of CorCenCC, the National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh, at Cardiff University, in between various teaching positions in both English and Welsh.

WISERDEducation Multi Cohort Study
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Research Team:
Sally Power (Cardiff University), Chris Taylor (Cardiff University), Jennifer May Hampton (Cardiff University), Constantino Dumangane Jr. (Cardiff University), Rhian Barrance (Cardiff University), Daniel Evans (Cardiff University), Kimberly Horton (Cardiff University), Kathryn Sharp, Kevin Smith (Cardiff University), Mirain Rhys (Cardiff Metropolitan University), Catherine Foster (Cardiff University), Laura Arman (Cardiff University)