What’s it about?

This webinar will introduce the WISERD Education Multi-Cohort Study, a longitudinal study of the changing perceptions of secondary school pupils over the last 10 years, and will provide an insight into how we work with schools and policy makers.

Some of the topics covered:

– How we conduct the study.

– The range of issues we cover including politics, wellbeing and equality

– Tracking changes as the Curriculum for Wales continues to be rolled out

All are welcome to attend and the webinar will be of particular interest to teachers, school governors, education professionals and policymakers. Those attending will gain an insight into the issues affecting pupils. Attendees will also find out how the WMCS brings together responses on multiple topics to build a picture of pupils’ lives. Additionally, teachers will learn how their school can become involved in the project going forward.

The event will be presented by:

Once you have registered for the event, a Zoom link will be shared with you in advance.