Associate Professor
Swansea University

WISERD Politics and Governance Research Network
The WISERD Politics and Governance Research Network is a multidisciplinary network which brings together scholars who conduct and publish research that centres on Welsh politics and governance, from across the five WISERD partner universities. The Network is jointly led by
Research Team:
Paul Chaney (Cardiff University), Matthew Wall (Swansea University), Bettina Petersohn (Swansea University)
Conference A Conversation on Wales’ Future
18th September 2020 |
Wales faces a number of economic, political and societal challenges. From COVID-19, Brexit, the further devolution of powers, the growing conversation around independence, to sustainable development goals and the wellbeing of future generations, how...
Conference Welsh Policy and Politics in Unprecedented Times
24th May 2019 |
Austerity, further devolution of powers, issues such as an ageing population and climate change, and of course Brexit are all important conditions and events leading to uncertainty, instability and an unprecedented situation in Welsh policy and...