Make decisions about your data with statistical hypothesis tests using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. In the 1-day Basic Hypothesis Testing course you will learn about the basic hypothesis tests that underpin all analytical methods. The Basic Hypothesis Testing course covers a range of topics, including:

  • Setting up a hypothesis and null hypothesis
  • Choosing the correct test to use
  • Differences tests (1-sample, 2-sample independent, and paired tests):
    • T-test for normally distributed data
    • U-test for non-parametric data (including how to rank data)
  • Correlation:
    • Pearson Product Moment (parametric)
    • Spearman Rank Correlation (non-parametric)
  • Association
    • Chi Squared test of association
    • Goodness of Fit

During the Basic Hypothesis Testing course you will learn when to use each test and how to carry out the analyses using Excel. In the Basic Hypothesis Testing course you will also learn how to report and interpret the results.

Who needs this course?

This course is for beginners who want to boost their skills in data science. This course is for those that need to undertake data analysis and interpret the results. No assumed knowledge is needed, although it is assumed that you have access to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software.

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