With tea, coffee and homemade cake!

Project 1: Martin Burgess – “How to frame a pilot of Personal Carbon Accounts in Wales?”

The Welsh Government has recently been asked to evaluate a pilot Personal Carbon Accounts scheme. It differs significantly from the Personal Carbon Trading idea passed over by the UK Government as ‘an idea ahead of its time’. Rather than this neoliberal, financially-based model, the Welsh pilot is based on behaviour change and social norming principles. Martin will discuss these differences and reflect on how a pilot might work. He is seeking feedback on how the scheme could be framed for presentation to focus groups and/or the public.

Project 2: Jesse Heley, Marc Welsh and Sam Saville – “The same, but different: Fanta and the placing of globalisation”

Globally recognizable, but not iconic unlike its sibling Coca Cola, we use Fanta to explore the complexities of how and why an everyday product arrives in an ‘everyday place’, in this case a market town in Wales. Using an assemblage-based approach, we un-pick exactly what constitutes this fizzy drink, where and what processes and politics this links us to when we buy and consume it. Looking at these trans-local connections reveals just how varied this seemingly homogenous good is across geographic space. We examine therefore, what exactly it is that holds the global assemblage of Fanta together despite its heterogeneous materiality.

Everyone welcome! For more details contact Lucy Taylor – lft@aber.ac.uk, 01970 622 701.