Presented by Asmaa A A Alfar

The issue of refugees is a growing challenge in the eyes of the international community. It burdens the UN and international NGOs with heavy tasks that cannot be easily fulfilled. This socio-political research aims at addressing the double-displaced Palestinian refugees in the UK, their vulnerability and integration. The birth of the Palestinian refugee crisis began with the Balfour Declaration 1917 and the 1948 ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians (Nakba) and is growing until now. The lack of literature (especially in the west) signifies the importance of this study.

Being a double-displaced Palestinian refugee herself and a refugee caseworker at several NGOs (including The Red Cross), the researcher attempts to strike balance within herself and produce critical research, that also considers her personal reflections. Could the western colonisation of the Middle East (specifically the British Mandate of Palestine) be linked directly or indirectly to the refugees’ crisis in the UK? The research further examines the various aspects of the refugee integration policies in the UK. The researcher interviewed 40 double-displaced Palestinians living in the UK and compared their experiences and stories to develop a better understanding of the issue and the solution.

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