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This online event looks at the research undertaken on involvement of civil society organisations in youth unemployment policy and provision across the four devolved nations of the UK with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) representatives, actively involved in implementing and coordinating youth unemployment programmes and initiatives.

The session will briefly outline the theoretical overview on policy and civil society approaches to tackling youth unemployment across the four devolved nations from an academic perspective. This will be followed by an exploration of projects, practices and policies of youth unemployment in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from the CSOs perspective, taking advantage of this opportunity to compare policy divergences on civil society activity in youth unemployment in the context of devolution.

A Q&A Session will tell us what works and what doesn’t work in policy and practice in the four devolved nations and how each have put in place provisions to minimizing the negative impacts of Brexit and COVID-19. In closing we will discuss how the findings challenge the notion of ‘one UK welfare state’, when in fact devolution in the four nations of the UK mean that this is not the case.

The panel includes:

•    Professor Simone Baglioni (Università degli Studi di Parma)
•    Professor Ann-Marie Gray (University of Ulster)
•    CSOs Coordinators:
Paul Glaze (Chief Executive of Council for Wales Voluntary Youth Services)
David Coyne (Senior Policy Adviser at Skills Development Scotland)
Dilys Winterkorn (Youth Futures Foundation)
Claire Conlon (Chief Executive Officer at YouthAction Northern Ireland)

This online event is hosted by Dr Giada Lagana, Cardiff University and forms part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science at Cardiff University.