Presented by Marine Furet

The Institute of Welsh Affairs, or IWA, is Wales’ leading independent think tank with a rich history of influencing decision makers and shaping debates crucial to Wales’ future. In our 35 years of existence we have accumulated a track record of changing legislation. In this session, we will share tips for researchers thinking of approaching organisations like the IWA to turn their research into impactful policy.

This seminar is intended for researchers interested in exploring opportunities to bring their research ‘out of the ivory tower’ and maximise opportunities for collaboration with the third sector. It will include a presentation and be followed by a Q&A. The presentation will cover:

  1. The IWA: our history and projects
  2. Understanding Welsh Places: A collaborative project between academia and the third sector
  3. The Welsh Agenda: A unique platform for social researchers
  4. Influencing decision-makers and maximising opportunities

Email for the Zoom link to join us