Delivered by Scott Orford, Samuel Jones and Katie Dickson

Data are a key resource for research and datasets are increasingly being shared for reuse by others as secondary data. However, as more secondary data are made available online finding the most relevant data for your research can be difficult. This event will guide participants through the benefits of using web-based data portals to discover secondary datasets relevant to their research project. As an example of how to do this we will introduce the

WISERD DataPortal – a free tool to help researchers discover data related to Wales. In this event you will learn:

1. About the benefits of using data portals as secondary data discovery tools;

2. About the key data portals which are useful for discovering data available for the UK;

3. How to use a data portal, using WISERD’s DataPortal as an example, to discover data for your project.

Please find the event documents below:

NCRM UK DataPortal Presentation
NCRM WISERD DataPortal Workshop Guide
WISERD DataPortal Workshop Example
WISERD DataPortal Catalogue

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