Scott is a Professor of GIS and quantitative human geography and has research interests in modelling socio-economic processes using techniques that are sensitive to spatial context.

He has particular expertise in multi-level modelling, multivariate statistics, and visualization and has worked on projects in a variety of social science areas such as health, population studies and electoral studies, all within a GIS and spatial modelling framework. Scott has a special interest in housing and housing markets and is very familiar with the principal socio-economic and environmental data sets for Wales and the UK.

He is currently researching innovation in data integration and data construction, and the mapping and spatial analysis of qualitative data.


Interview with Professor Scott Orford, Cardiff University

Professor Scott Orford from Cardiff University explains how the Understanding Welsh Places website presents useful data and geographical information about your town or local area. It can help you to identify opportunities for your community and understand the relationships between your area and other places nearby. It also allows local community and civil society groups to learn more about the places in which their members live, work and spend their leisure time.

Scott Orford Bio