Introduction to WIMD and Cartography in QGIS

This course will give participants an overview of what WIMD (Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation) is and how they can use QGIS to make great maps of the WIMD data, and how to extend this to other data sets. We will recap some of the basics of making maps in QGIS and then extend this knowledge to include a variety of techniques including background data, transparency, labels, plots and many other features. This course is ideal for those who have some experience of GIS (ideally QGIS) but want to learn about the new WIMD and extend their knowledge of the cartographic features in QGIS.

After the course, participants will be able to:
– Be able to load data into QGIS
– Be able to symbolize this data in a variety of ways
– Understand what makes a good map
– Know how to create a great map in QGIS
– Be confident at adding extras to maps in QGIS, including labels and plots
– Be confident at researching how to do things in QGIS and Print Layout
Information on how to register will be available shortly