A free one-day conference sponsored by WISERD’s Language, Culture and Identity Thematic Group, open to academics, practitioners, policy-makers, and other interested parties. Presenters and spectators are both welcome.

The venue is 10 minutes’ walk from railway station.

The keynote speaker was Professor John Edwards of St Francis Xavier University, Canada. A recording of his keynote speech can be found below:

Papers and presentations addressed the role and place of the Welsh language within the workplace (broadly defined). That role has become a source of political, policy and public concern over recent years. The aim of the conference was to bring together academics from different disciplines, along with policy-makers, practitioners and employers in order to discuss the relationship between the Welsh language and the world of work.

Given the intended spread of specialisms across sectors, presentations need not be based on primary empirical research, but may for example describe workplace policy and practice across a particular organisation or sector, with original insights regarding implementation that would be of interest to a mixed audience.

Moreover, we welcomed contributions from speakers on the following sub-themes in particular or on any themes that related to the broad aims of the conference:

•Social Mobility;
•Language use in the workplace;
•Language policy in the workplace;
•Language and the labour market;
•Language of work;
•Education and training;
•The legal context for the use of language at work;

Each presentation was limited to 30 minutes (20 mins plus 10 mins Q&A). Talks were welcome in Welsh, English, or British Sign Language, and live translation was provided.


The presentations given at this event can be downloaded using the links below:

Dr Elisabeth Barakos, School of Languages & Social Sciences, Aston University. Welsh Language Policy in the Workplace

Dr Teresa Crew, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University. The Welsh Language and the Workplace

Dr Rhian Hodges & Dr Cynog Prys, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University. Welsh Language Use in the Community

Dr Llion Jones, School of Welsh, Bangor University. Seeing Beyond the Data: Research and Practice to Increase the Use of Welsh in the Workplace

Dr Stefan Machura, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University. Welsh language preference and trust in the police

Professor R. Gwynedd Parry, Director of Learning and Teaching, College of Law, Swansea University. Y Gymraegyny “Gweithle” Cyfreithiol: Cymreictody Farnwriaeth

Eileen Tilley,  School of Social Sciences, Bangor University. New Speakers of Welsh in the North Wales Workplace

Gaynor Williams & Anna Jones, Cardiff University. Realising Welsh Medium Education and the Role of Clinical Mentorship: A Collaborative Approach