Presented by Katrina Pritchard and Helen C Williams

This session provides an introduction to advanced qualitative methods and two ‘taster topics’ which introduce participants to material and visual methods.  Whether your context is academic or practice-based, you will likely be aware that the range and scope of qualitative research design has developed rapidly in recent years.  While the traditional approach of distilling interview-themes remains popular, we explore new ways of tackling research problems by engaging with forms of qualitative data beyond text and means of analysis that draw on the rich seams of inquiry across the social sciences.

This session will firstly offer a map of advanced qualitative research, explaining developments across the dimensions of data modes, means of collection and analytic process.  We will particularly highlight the challenges faced when travelling across this map in relation to areas such as ethics and the practical considerations for all those involved.  We will then provide two taster topics to introduce participants to material and visual methods, drawing directly on our own research experience.  Each taster topic will provide real-life examples of data collection and analysis processes.  We will also share our experiences of working with stakeholders and of publishing advanced qualitative research.

This two hour session will be run online via zoom.

If you have any queries please email: or telephone: 029 208 75260