This event is an opportunity for people who work or volunteer in Welsh communities or civil society to help to shape the Understanding Welsh Places website.

We want ‘Understanding Welsh Places’ to be the first point of call for statistical information about towns and larger communities in Wales. The website will present information about every place in Wales with 1,000 or more residents. The data featured will include information about people and communities, employment, travel, education and skills, well-being, economic and environmental resilience, access to services, culture, heritage and the Welsh language.

‘Understanding Welsh Places’ will be different to other data portals because people will not need to be experts to use it. The site will also present data at the level of towns and larger communities, rather than local authorities. A focus on exploring similarities, contrasts and interrelationships between places will help users to interpret and interact with this data in new and dynamic ways. We are especially excited that the site will include maps of commuter journeys between places, an informative yet non-judgmental typology of Welsh places and assessments of the interdependence and resilience of Welsh places.

Please note that this workshop will be conducted in English. We will, however, be arranging testing of the website in both Welsh and English. If you are a fluent Welsh speaker and are interested in getting involved, please contact Elinor Shepley.

Tickets for this event are free but limited.