Wales’ largest social science conference took place on 25th and 26th June at the University of South Wales.

This annual conference showcases policy relevant research in Wales and attracts colleagues from academic, policy, public, private and third sectors.

The 2013 conference was the fourth annual WISERD conference, and follows on from three successful conferences, held in Cardiff, Swansea and Bangor Universities.  Bringing practitioners, policy makers and social scientists together, WISERD conferences have become established as one of the most important events in the social science calendar.

Keynote speakers included: Professor Lindsay Paterson, Professor Laura McAllister and Professor David Martin


Conference Programme

Tuesday 25th June – Conference Day 1 – 9.30am – 6pm

Keynote 1: Professor Lindsay Paterson
Keynote 2: Professor Laura McAllister

Session 1: 11.30am – 1pm


Sub-session Title Author
Welsh Identities: Local contexts, comparative perspectives – Identities ‘We are Welsh, but…’ – National Identification on the Margin Dafydd Evans, Independent Researcher
The Social Construction of Local, National and Global Identities in Two Rural Welsh Market Towns in Wales Corinna Patterson, Bangor University
Welsh Identity in British Wales: A Case Study Daniel Evans, Bangor University
What Role Does ‘place’ have in the Experience of ‘risk’ in Young People’s Higher Education Choices? Ceryn Evans, Cardiff University
Inequalities – Education Disrupting Educational Inequality Chris Taylor, Sally Power and Gareth Rees, Cardiff University
Thinking About the Future: Aspirations and the Educational Attainment Process William Baker, Oxford University
Action on Health Inequalities and Inequities – Exploring the Scope for Applying this to Education Agendas? Mary Mahoney, University of South Wales
Measuring Well-Being – Health and Well-being Exploring Energy Demand in Rural Wales – Initial Findings Dr Stephen Drinkwater et al, Swansea University
Assessing the Well-being Process Approach to Well-being Measurement in Applied Settings Gary M. Williams and Prof. Andrew P. Smith, Cardiff University
Subjective Wellbeing Assessment Dafydd Thomas, Lles Cymru Wellbeing



Session 2: 2.45pm – 4.15pm


Sub-session Title Author
Language – Education Should Children with SEN Really Stick to One Language? A Study Exploring the Linguistic Skills of Bilingual Children with Moderate Learning Difficulties Catrin Bethan Lye, Bangor University
Exploring Bilingual and L2 Speakers’ Performance on Executive Functioning Tasks: Issues for Bilingual Education in Wales Mirain Rhys, Cardiff University
Morphosyntactic Complexity and Exposure in the Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in Welsh Kathryn Sharp, Cardiff University
Inequality in Service Delivery – Health and Well-being ‘The Innovation Cycle – Health and Social Care in Rural Wales Stephanie Best, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Breaking Down Barriers and Changing Attitudes: Working to Increase Uptake of Cervical Screening Amongst Vulnerable Women Sioned Pearce, Maura Matthews and Gail Hughes, Tenovus
Older People in Rural and Urban Wales with Increasing Health and Social Care needs through to End-of-life Christine Dobbs, Swansea University
The Changing Profile of Cancer Support Services in an Age of Austerity Rachel Iredale, Sioned Pearce, Rhiannon Skilton and Julia Yandle, Tenovus
Energy and Sustainability – Environment Exploring Energy Demand in Rural Wales – Initial Findings Erin Roberts, Cardiff University
Could the St. David’s Peninsula Feed Itself? Developing a Method to Assess Whether a Given Land Area Can Meet the Dietary Needs of its Population Amber Wheeler, University of South Wales
What Role Does ‘place’ have in the Experience of ‘risk’ in Young People’s Higher Education Choices? Ceryn Evans, Cardiff University


Session 3: 4.30pm – 6pm


Sub-session Title Author
Policy Analysis – Education A Game of Chinese Whispers: An Analysis of the Implementation of the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification Sara Jones, Cardiff University
Sexual Bullying: How Effective is Policy and Practice in Wales? Cath Jones and Sarah Oerton, University of South Wales
National Foundation Phase Evaluation – Year Two Update Samuel M. Waldron et al, Cardiff University
Community, Connectivity and Creativity – Health and Well-being Representing Communities: Developing the Creative Power of People to Improve Health and Well-being Dr Eva Elliot et al, Cardiff University
‘It’s no longer the pursuit of gentlemen or academics’: The Motivations of the Cultural Elite in Wales Alice Clayton, Cardiff University
Hidden Corners: Developing a Typology of Competencies for Professional Artists involved in Therapeutic Work in Dementia using a Case Study of a Music Residency Gwawr Ifan and Myfanwy Davies, Bangor University
Allotment and Community Gardening for Health and Well-being in Later Life Jemma Hawkins et al, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Labour markets and Employment – Labour Markets Sub-Regional Analysis of Public-Private Sector Pay Differentials Sandra Dettmer, Swansea University
Ethnic Differences in Male’s Unemployment During the 2008-2010 Recession: Evidence from QLFS Sicong Wang, David Blackaby, Philip Murphy and Nigel O’Leary, Swansea University
An Investigation of Public-Private Sector Pay Differential in UK: a Recent Update David Blackaby, Philip Murphy, Nigel O’Leary and Anita Staneva, Swansea University
Just Another Job?: Accounting for the Ethics of ‘work’ and ‘care’ in the Lives of Working Lone Mothers Claudia Corsetti, University of South Wales


6pm – 7pm: Drinks, canapés and PhD student poster competition



Wednesday 26th June – Conference Day 2
9.30am – 4.45pm

Keynote 3: Professor David Martin


Session 4: 9.30am – 11am


Sub-session Title Author
Lifestyles and Health Policy – Health and Well-being Here Comes the Sun: Findings from a Welsh Sun Safety Intervention Sioned Pearce and Maura Matthews, Tenovus
Let’s Talk About Genes and I Don’t Mean Trousers: Exploring Cancer and Genetics with School Children in South Wales Kim Madden and Dr Rachel Iredale, University of South Wales
The Effects of Energy Drink Consumption on Attainment and Attendance in Secondary School Children Gareth Richards and Andy Smith, Cardiff University
“The whole idea behind it is to get people away from going to doctors” Paula Kearns, Nottingham Trent University and Heather Skinner, University of South Wales
Social Work & Social Care – Health and Well-being ‘Disillusioned Opportunists’ – An Exploration of Social Work Carer Trajectories Wulf Livingston, Bangor University
An Examination of the Biographies of Social Workers Who have a Political Identity Hefin Gwilym, Bangor University
Academic and Social Care Collaboration: When Two Worlds Collide? Martin O’Neill, Cardiff University
‘Looking after their own? How Place and People Interact in the Development and Uptake of Care Services for Minority Groups Nilufar Ahmed, Swansea University


Session 5: 11.15am – 12.45pm

Sub-session Title Author
Wellbeing –  Health and Well-being Change in Alcohol Outlet Density and Alcohol-Related Harm to Population Health (CHALICE) Jennifer Morgan et al, Cardiff University
A Comparative Analysis of Social and Emotional Components of Loneliness Across Different Work Styles Hayley Bartlett, University of South Wales
Understanding the Health Benefits of Private Sector Housing Renewal Across Wales Jonathan Lee, Opinion Research Services
But We Learnt All About It in School”: Reflecting on Teaching and Assessment on ‘Key Issues in Sex Education’ Helen Bowen and Sarah Oerton, University of South Wales
Ageing, generations and later life – Health and Well-being Caring for Older Women from Black and Minority Ethnic Backgrounds with Dignity: Service Providers’ Perspectives Juping Yu and Royiah Saltus, University of South Wales
Ageing, Young People, and Fear of Crime – Some Unsettling Findings Dr Martina Feilzer, Bangor University and Prof. Ian Rees Jones, Cardiff University
An Examination of Meaningful Activity and Retirement Transition in a Period of Population Ageing in Wales Robert Workman, NHS
A Question of Ethics? Social Work Dilemmas in Safeguarding Older People from Abuse Angie Ash, Angela Ash Associates


Session 6: 2.45pm – 4.15pm


Sub-session Title Author
Medical Education – Health and Well-being Stress and Well-Being in Trainee Clinical Psychologists: A UK Analysis John Galvin and Andy Smith, Cardiff University
Transitions in Medicine: Trainee Doctor Stress and Support Mechanisms Dr Rebecca Dimond, Wendy Hardyman, Alison Bullock, Cardiff University and Dr Mark Stacey, Cardiff Deanery
Feedback-in-action during Bedside Teaching Encounters: a Video Ethnography Dr Christopher Elsey, Chantelle Rizan, Thomas Lemon, Andrew Grant and Lynn Monrouxe, Cardiff University
Increased Medical Undergraduates from Lower Socioeconomic Backgrounds Correlated to National Economic Disruption – A Positive from a Negative Ben Stone, Thomas I Lemon, Rhiannon Lampard, Ashley Yarrow-Jenkins and Rupali Shah, Cardiff University
Enterprises – Labour Markets Small Business Growth in Wales – the Role of Leadership and Management Quality Andrew Henley, Aberystwyth University
Inter-regional Mobility of SMEs James Foreman-Peck, Cardiff University and Tom Nicholls, Welsh Government
Employer-Responsive HE Provision and Changed Power Relations Mary Mahoney, University of South Wales