Jean Jenkins and Rhys Davies, Cardiff University


Since October 2018, researchers from WISERD and Cardiff Business School have been working in partnership with Cividep-India to examine whether and how garment workers in Bangalore are able to gain access to remedy at the workplace.  On 24 March 2020, the study was temporarily brought to an abrupt halt, as lockdown in India was announced with just four hours’ notice. Garment workers found themselves turned out of work as factories closed their doors, international brands cancelled future orders and some even reneged on contracts for work already completed.  In the context of crisis, the project team in India and Cardiff worked together to adapt research tools to allow the Garment Labour Union and Munnade Social Organisation in Bangalore to connect with workers in need. This seminar presents information collected from 700 workers between April and June.  The data documents the terrible hardships that ensued in Bangalore and demonstrates the vulnerability to poverty and exploitation of those employed in the international garment sector.”


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