Presented by Simon Johns, Cardiff University.

Evidence indicates that the adolescent stage of life is key in forming a sense of self, with social influences and peer connectedness an important influencer in shaping psychological characteristics. This lunchtime seminar involves a discussion on the evaluation of a bilingual, digital resource designed to promote wellbeing for adolescents in schools. The resource, ‘Pause Up’ or ‘Saib a Sylwi’ aims at promoting mental health using a complete ‘whole system’ approach. It contains short five-minute activities and exercises displayed and delivered through the digital resource, three times a day, three times a week under the three wellbeing sections of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. A realist evaluation has been collecting quantitative and qualitative data over the course of the 12-week beta phase, to provide evidence as to what works for whom, in what circumstances and how Pause Up can be refined for wider distribution. Health and Wellbeing are now a significant Area of Learning in the Welsh educational curriculum, the need for collaboration in research on wellbeing and on new initiatives is vital to advise and support educators and young people.

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