This one-day course is led by Dr Jennifer Hampton, Cardiff University and will provide participants with:

An understanding of the basic principles of Q methodology, along with advantages and limitations of the method
Understanding of the design and selection of appropriate topics, materials and participant samples for a Q study
Hands-on experience of a Q sorting exercise
An understanding of the analytic techniques used for Q sort data and experience of analysing such data using a specialist software programme
Experience of interpreting the results of Q sort analysis, integrating both quantitative and qualitative data
By the end of the day, participants should have the knowledge and ability to begin to design, administer, analyse and interpret their own Q method projects.

The event is aimed at researchers who are interested in exploring an alternative option to traditional survey designs, which can capture the divergent and consensual nature of a range of individual perspectives on a given topic, in a systematic and interpretative manner. The day is split into two workshops:

Q-workshop I: An introduction to Q methodology

Abstract: Q methodology provides a research tool which is becoming increasingly popular in a range of research and applied disciplines. Participants are asked to sort a set of statements about a particular topic, based on their own beliefs and opinions. The method allows for individual viewpoints to be expressed and explored. When used with a group of individuals, Q methodology will uncover shared and diverse perspectives.

This workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to Q methodology. We will consider which kinds of research problems are suitable for Q, methodological and practical considerations, as well as how to create the materials for the Q sorting procedure. Workshop attendees will also have the opportunity to take part in a Q sort exercise.

Q-workshop II: An introduction to Q analysis

Abstract: This workshop will provide an introduction to the statistical analysis and interpretation of a Q method study. A basic introduction to the principles of the analysis will be given, followed by a hands-on practical session. Workshop attendees will be taken through a step-by-step guide to analysing data gathered from Q sort exercises. We will discuss various methods for selecting the most appropriate solution. Following analysis, there will be opportunity to embark on an exercise in interpreting the results.

Entry level, with little – no prior statistical knowledge necessary. Software and data will be provided in the workshop.

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