Congratulations Professor Mitchel Langford

Many congratulations to WISERD Co-director Mitchel Langford who has been successful in the latest Higher Academic Awards appointments

Mitchel Langford has been conferred the title of Professor in Spatial Analysis and Geo-informatics at the University of South Wales. Mitch’s research interests include geographical accessibility modelling and geospatial analysis in the fields of healthcare, social inequality and environmental justice; and methodological developments of spatial analysis through dasymetric areal interpolation techniques.

Associate Professor and Professor are highly prestigious titles and the most senior designations bestowed by the University in recognition of excellence in the individual’s subject area.

In 2020 Mitch was appointed an Academic Fellow of the Senedd Commission (the Senedd/Welsh Parliament’s corporate body) to work on “Exploring geographical patterns in the changing landscape of financial services provision in Wales”.

He has undertaken many consultative projects with National Government Agencies and Non-Government Organisations and has recently generated impact in the areas of childcare and care homes provision, and access to greenspace and sports facilities.

Current activities are focussed on better understanding potential inequalities in access to services through public transport and the promotion of sustainable travel modes.


The original version of this news item appeared on the University of South Wales website.