Professor W. John Morgan’s book published in Brazil

Professor W. John Morgan’s book, on the celebrated Austrian Jewish philosopher and educator Martin Buber, Buber and Education: Dialogue as Conflict Resolution,  (with Alexandre Guilherme), Routledge, 2014, has been translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil by the PUCR University Press, Porto Allegre, with the support of the Brazilian National Commission for UNESCO.

Martin Buber was an important religious humanist thinker of the 20th century and the book considers his philosophy as a contribution to peace education, dialogue, and conflict resolution between both individuals and communities.

In 2020, Philosophy, Dialogue, and Education: Nine modern European philosophers, Routledge, 2018, another book by Professor Morgan and Alexandre Guilherme, was also translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil, by the UNESCO Chair of Youth, Education, and Society, Catholic University of Brazil, DF, Brazil.