Catherine has a background in psychology and neuroimaging and completed a Wellcome Trust funded PhD in Integrative Neuroscience at Cardiff University. More recently she has worked at Public Health Wales as well as CASCADE and the Wales Centre for Public Police at Cardiff University working across multiple projects in the areas of serious violence, social care practice interventions, local government, and education.

Catherine is currently working on the WISERD Education Data Lab. The propose of WISERD Education Data Lab  is to generate high quality research-based evidence to help inform and challenge our understanding of educational processes and outcomes to support the Wales education sector meet the aims of Education in Wales: our national mission 2017-2021. The WISERD Education Data Lab will undertake independent analysis of administrative education data, survey data and data linkage and undertake knowledge exchange and public dissemination of its findings to inform national debate on some of the most contemporary and pressing educational issues facing Wales.

Catherine Foster Bio