Administrative Data Research UK

The ESRC, as part of UKRI, are funding an important new investment in research infrastructure to maximise the potential of administrative data as a resource for high-quality research in the UK – Administrative Data Research UK (ADR UK).  ADR UK  aims to engage government and academic communities in innovative research to address major societal challenges by releasing the potential of the UK’s wealth of administrative data.

To achieve this aim, ADR UK will work in partnership with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to:

  • Strategically acquire and curate admin data and make these available to researchers in a secure way
  • Drive high-quality research and impact around prioritised policy themes within the UK.


Administrative Data Research – Wales (ADR Wales)

ADR Wales – part of ADR UK (Administrative Data Research UK) –  unites specialists in each field from Swansea University Medical School and the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data (WISERD) at Cardiff University with statisticians, economists and social researchers from Welsh Government.

The cutting-edge data analysis techniques and research excellence developed, along with the world-renowned SAIL Databank, allow the delivery of robust, secure and informative research to produce evidence that informs future policy decisions in Wales.  The partnership is ideally placed to maximise the utility of anonymous and secure data to shape public service delivery, which will ultimately improve the lives of people in Wales.

Read our 2019-2020 ADR UK Annual Report.