Beyond my day-to-day work on the labour process and trade unions, I have a diverse set of research interests. My PhD was an ethnography of the intersection of class, place and nationhood in the ‘British Wales’ region, which was set against a broader theoretical analysis of Welsh devolution and regional economic development. Since finishing my doctorate, I have continued to explore and write about national identity and the political economy of Wales. A book based on my PhD research into this region will be published in 2024. Beyond Wales, I am also particularly interested in social class in general, both at the macro and micro-levels; the sociology of the military and militarism; and the sociology of education. Lastly, my professional experiences as a frontline support worker mean I have a keen sociological interest in housing, homelessness and the criminal justice system.

Current Research: Work and trade unions; Trade unions and the education system in Wales; Militarism and the education system in Wales; national identity in British Wales.