Please find available presentations from the Wales Housing Research Conference 2016 below:

Reasonable Steps: experiences of homelessness services under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014

– Ms Jennie Bibbings and Mr Alex Osmond, Shelter Cymru

Developing a viable housing model for those entitled only to access the shared accommodation rate?

– Dr. Anna Clarke, Cambridge University

Reshaping Housing Policy in Wales: a subnational response in the age of austerity

– Dr. Andrew Connell, Dr. Emily St Denny and Professor Steve Martin, Public Policy Institute for Wales 

Social housing regulation in Wales and England: diverging or converging?

– Mr. Steffan Evans, Cardiff University

Assessing Gypsy and Traveller Needs: Policy and Methodological Issues

Mr Nigel Moore, Opinion Research Services

Ageing in place in action

– Ms Joanna L Wolton, Swansea University

Housing Policy in a Devolved Scotland: Constrained Autonomy or Opportunity?

– Professor Kenneth Gibb, University of Glasgow

Housing policy developments

– Mr Ceri Breeze, Welsh Government 

The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016: Implications for Private Renters

– Dr. Jennifer Hoolachan, Cardiff University

Regulation and Innovation in the Private Rented Sector in Wales: Challenges, Opportunities and Limitations

– Dr. Craig Gurney and Dr. Bob Smith, Cardiff University

First steps in demonstrating an impact on health service use of the Welsh Government Supporting People homelessness prevention programme using linked administrative data

– Mrs Lucie Griffiths, Welsh Government