Welsh Government, Social Research Number: 04/2017

Flying Start is a Welsh Government programme which aims to improve the life chances of young children living in some of the most disadvantaged areas in Wales. Families with children up to the age of four are eligible for four entitlements:

  • Free part time, high quality childcare for children aged two to three
  • Enhanced health visiting and support
  • Access to parenting support
  • Speech, language and communication support

The programme started in 2006/07 and was expanded from 2012. While the commitment was to provide services to 36,000 children, Flying Start now provides services to just over 38,000 children. Previous evaluations have highlighted some positive effects, but these have either been very weak effects or are the views of parents and staff, rather than objective measures. This evaluation aims build on these to use school data to determine if children living in Flying Start areas have different outcomes from other children and if this can be said to be a result of the programme.