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Serious About Green? – Building a Welsh wood economy through co-ordination

This report is about building a new resource reliance system, wood economy, where the carbon sequestration benefits of afforestation can be levered by a strategy of downstream value capture for higher value products. The report explains that this opportunity can only be realised through supply chain co-ordination which has been absent in Wales where strategic…

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The Foundational Economy and Citizenship – Comparative Perspectives on Civil Repair

Introduction The Foundational Economy and the Civil Sphere | Filippo Barbera and Ian Rees Jones Part 1: Governance and Public Action Re-embedding the Economy within Digitalized Foundational Sectors: The Case of Platform Cooperativism | Davide Arcidiacono and Ivana Pais Reframing Public Ownership in the Foundational Economy: (Re)discovering a Variety of Forms | Leonhard Plank The Nonprofit Paradox…

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Why we need social innovation in home care for older people

This CRESC/WISERD report “provides a critique of why those responsible for commissioning care in the home have made uneven and inconsistent progress towards personalisation and outcome-based commissioning. It goes on to propose an alternative radical social innovation approach to thinking about ways in which home care can effectively and consistently deliver choice, control and independence across the board.”…

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Where does the money go? Financialised chains and the crisis in residential care

The citizen’s summary of the full report is business and organised money have a political advantage in matters of public policy around outsourced services because the average citizen does not have the knowledge or confidence to engage critically with this kind of financial issue. A democracy where business and finance are socially accountable requires citizens with…