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WISERD News: Issue 20

Welcome from the WISERD director Featuring a variety of news from across the WISERD partner institutions and some of the latest additions to the WISERD blog, I hope this edition of WISERD News demonstrates our ongoing contribution to social science research and the ways in which we are influencing policy in Wales. Against a background…

Unlocking the Power of Digital Commons: Data Cooperatives as a Pathway for Data Sovereign, Innovative and Equitable Digital Communities
Unlocking the Power of Digital Commons: Data Cooperatives as a Pathway for Data Sovereign, Innovative and Equitable Digital Communities

Network effects, economies of scale, and lock-in-effects increasingly lead to a concentration of digital resources and capabilities, hindering the free and equitable development of digital entrepreneurship, new skills, and jobs, especially in small communities and their small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”). To ensure the affordability and accessibility of technologies, promote digital entrepreneurship and community well-being,…

Front cover Social Research Methodology
Participation or direction? Dilemmas in utilising participatory methods

This paper will explore the dichotomy of direction and stimulus through a reflection on arts-based methods used in a research study into post-industrial communities in South Wales and consider whether in participatory processes, a catalyst for artistic creativity could become construed as researcher-led control over the activities. Through an examination of the methods and outcomes…

European Journal of Homelessness. Volume 15 issue 3, 2021
The Promises and Pitfalls of Administrative Data Linkage for Tackling Homelessness

To meet the challenges of tackling homelessness in a changing world, we need to understand its extent, causes, and consequences, and the impacts of efforts to prevent and alleviate it. Robust evidence from a diverse range of sources is therefore required to inform policy making and service delivery. One approach to meeting this need is…

WISERD Research on Race and Ethnicity cover
WISERD Research on Race and Ethnicity

Discussions triggered by campaigns around the Black Lives Matter movement have prompted WISERD to reflect on our track record of research on the structural inequalities, unequal life chances and injustices associated with racism. WISERD has undertaken a significant amount of research on these inequalities. This review aims to highlight the range of research that WISERD has…

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Making the Case for the Social Sciences: Wales

WISERD, in partnership with the Research Institute for Applied Social Science (RIASS) and the Academy of Social Science, have today launched a new booklet showcasing the vast array of social science research taking place in Wales; titled ‘Making the Case for the Social Sciences 10 – Wales’. It includes a new study by Welsh researchers which…