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The Role of GIS for Health Utilization Studies: Literature Review

There have been a plethora of studies investigating access issues in relation to health services but until recently a relative lack of research on geographical factors that may be influencing utilisation patterns. This paper includes a timely review on what is known from existing studies, a description of the main methodological concerns highlighted by such…

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Age-structured Human Capital Dynamics and Economic Growth: A Note on Interdependence, Coordination and Welfare

In this chapter, we critically review the role of age-structured human capital in economic growth in the space-time domain and suggest (i) a theoretical framework for modeling growth interdependence across countries due to cross-country human capital accumulation and (ii) construct an empirical test for dynamic spatial growth correlations. Although (aggregate) human capital has been widely…

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Exploring neglected dimensions of social policy: The social division of welfare, fiscal welfare and the exemplar of local taxation in England

Titmusss Social Division of Welfare (SDW) thesis is a vitally important but much neglected element of social policy analysis. This article seeks to explore the SDW, with a particular focus on fiscal welfare. Fiscal welfare has been described as forming a hidden welfare state, and while taxation is one of the main ways in which…

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New Labour and the Third Way: An Evolution of Education Policy for an Evolution of the Middle Class

The title translates as “Le New Labour et la troisième voie : une évolution de la politique de l’éducation pour une évolution de la classe moyenne” This article aims to explore and study the complex relations between educational policies that have been set up in England for several decades and the middle-class. The analyses developed…

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The Political Economies of Place in the Emergent Global Countryside: Stories from Rural Wales

This chapter argues that space remains important in understanding the uneven development of rural regions, but that relations between space and place are being reconfigured in an emergent global countryside. After establishing the theoretical context for this argument, it illustrates and examines the issues raised through a case study of rural Wales, in the west…

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Exploring the uneven geographies of ‘rural geography’: commentary on M. Kurtz and V. Craig, ‘Constructing rural geographies in practice’

How do we account for the geographically uneven development of a subdiscipline of Geography? That is the intriguing question that is raised by Matthew Kurtz and Verdie Craig’s stimulating paper on “Constructing Rural Geographies in Publication”. Kurtz and Craig examine the differences in the practice of rural geography in Britain and in the United States….

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Revisiting the concept of the public intellectual

Both Hayek and Lazarsfeld were path-breaking scholars who contributed greatly to the development of their respective disciplines, yet the disciplinary sub-fields they founded faced contrasting receptions at their point of origin in Austria. Our argument here has been that new ideas need structural, political and individual support to gain ground and leave a mark.