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India: Science and Technology 2008 cover
Indian Automotive Industry: Innovation and Growth

The growth of Indian automotive industry from the pre-independence period till date shows distinct phases. It all started in 1940s: the embryonic automotive industry emerged in pre-independent India. Despite the sluggish growth of the economy during 1950-1980, the automotive industry began to witness a relatively fast growth during 1970-1980 mainly due to the leading production…

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City Regions: New Geographies of Uneven Development and Inequality

Etherington D. and Jones M. City-regions: new geographies of uneven development and inequality, Regional Studies. Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning literature on the ‘new regionalism’. Protagonists have made persuasive arguments about regions as successful models of economic and social development. This paper argues that the championing of ‘city-regions’ provides an opportunity for taking these debates further. It…

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Listening to Children in Care: A Review of Methodological and Theoretical Approaches to Understanding Looked After Children’s Perspectives

Recent years have witnessed substantial advances in the precision and availability of digital infrastructure data, remote sensing data, and microscale socioeconomic data for urban areas in many parts of the world. However, these data still remain deficient in detail especially with respect to the fine-grained property-level structural attributes that form the basis of housing-market models…

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Phase space: Geography, relational thinking and beyond

Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning of work on `thinking space relationally’. According to its advocates, relational thinking challenges human geography by insisting on an open-ended, mobile, networked, and actor-centred geographic becoming. The paper discusses the importance of this `relational turn’ by positioning it within the lineage of philosophical approaches to space in geography. Following…

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Labour market and Investment Effects of Remittances

The economic analysis of the effects of remittances has become an increasingly important issue in recent years because of the rapid growth of this form of financial flow. Official estimates put global remittances at around $80bn in 2002, but the total amount, which includes flows through unofficial channels, is thought to be far greater than…

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The local politics of the global countryside: boosterism, aspirational ruralism and the contested reconstitution of Queenstown, New Zealand

This paper examines the local politics through which the reconstitution of rural localities under globalization is advanced and contested, with particular reference to the impact of international amenity migration. It contends that as globalization proceeds not by domination but by hybridization and negotiation, local politics is critical as the sphere in which the outcomes of…

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The Role of GIS for Health Utilization Studies: Literature Review

There have been a plethora of studies investigating access issues in relation to health services but until recently a relative lack of research on geographical factors that may be influencing utilisation patterns. This paper includes a timely review on what is known from existing studies, a description of the main methodological concerns highlighted by such…

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Age-structured Human Capital Dynamics and Economic Growth: A Note on Interdependence, Coordination and Welfare

In this chapter, we critically review the role of age-structured human capital in economic growth in the space-time domain and suggest (i) a theoretical framework for modeling growth interdependence across countries due to cross-country human capital accumulation and (ii) construct an empirical test for dynamic spatial growth correlations. Although (aggregate) human capital has been widely…