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Nordic Journal of Political Economy 35(4)
The Labour Market Impact of Recent Immigration on Ethnic Groups in the UK

Nordic Journal of Political Economy 35(4) pp 55-81 The UK experienced has unprecedented levels of immigration in the last decade. These inflows were particularly pronounced following EU enlargement in May 2004, since when the UK has received a huge influx of migrants from Central and Eastern Europe. Although existing studies have suggested that the impact…

Education and Young People – Policy Briefing

The Welsh Assembly Government’s approach to education policy has been highlighted as a clear example of the ‘clear red water’ that has emerged between English and Welsh policy. For example, the rhetoric in Wales has stressed the key role of education within the community and the importance of principles such as social justice, universalism, trust…

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Building a Geo-portal for Enhancing Collaborative Socio-Economic Research in Wales using Open Source Technology

The Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) is a major new collaborative socio‐economic research programme involving five higher education institutions in Wales. This paper introduces the work of the WISERD data integration team and describes their plans for the development of an online geo‐portal. Their aim is to support WISERD…

Policy Futures in Education 8(1)
Learning to Plunder: Global Education, Global Inequality and the Global City

Policy Futures in Education 8(1) pp 82-98 Most research and policy discussions of education in the global city have focused on the ways in which globalization and the emergence of global or globalizing cities can create social, economic and educational inequality locally, within the global city itself. Global cities, however, are, by definition, powerful places,…

Aging Horizons Bulletin
Interview: In Praise of Grandfathers

Aging Horizons Bulletin Time to bring grandfathers out of the shadows. Grandparents are playing a vital part in many families today, yet few studies have focused on the role of grandfathers. According to Dr. Robin Mann, the significance of grandfatherhood for men has been underestimated. Mann is associate research fellow at the Oxford Institute on…

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Bernstein and Empirical Research

For over four decades, Basil Bernstein researched ‘the internal organisation and educational context of the school’ specifically, and educational systems generally. In particular, he was interested in the powerful forms of knowledge transmitted through schooling systems; who gained access to these forms of knowledge; how they did so; and with what consequences. His research began…