Foundational Renewal 2021


The Foundational Economy in Wales

9th September 2021

Chair | Professor Kevin Morgan

Speaker | Lee Waters, MS (Deputy Minister for Climate Change)

Discussants | Julie Froud, Andy Middleton and Gary Newman


Transitions in the Providential Foundational Economy – Innovations in Care

9th September 2021

Chair | Professor Karel Williams

Speakers | Isaac Stanley (London School of Economics), Adrian Roper (Cartrefi Cymru), Yuliya Yurchenko (University of Greenwich), Laura Horn (Roskilde University)


Transitions in the Material Foundational Economy

9th September 2021

Chair | Professor Kevin Morgan

Speaker | Lorraine Whitmarsh (University of Bath), Katie Palmer (Food Sense Wales), Simon Wright (Wright’s), Julian Siravo (Autonomy), Chris Jofeh (Arup)


National Projects and the Foundational Economy

8th September 2021

Chair | Professor Filippo Barbera

Speakers | James Mitchell (Edinburgh University), David Edgerton (King’s College London)

Discussant | Professor Kevin Morgan


Funding the Foundational Economy

8th September 2021

Chair | Dr Bernd Bonfert

Speakers | Tommaso Faccio (University of Nottingham), Steve Jeffels (University of Manchester), Anna Coote (New Economics Foundation), Susan Himmelweit (Open University & Women’s Budget Group)


Researching What Makes a Good Life

7th September 2021



Chair | Professor Julie Froud

Speakers | Angelo Salento (University of Salento), Lowri Cunnington Wynn (Aberystwyth University), Leonhard Plank and Andreas Novy (Vienna University) and John Tomaney (University College London).


What Makes a Good Life?

7th September 2021

Chair | Professor Ian Rees Jones

Speaker | Hilary Cottam OBE

Discussants | Charlotte Carpenter and Chris Johnes

Foundational Economy 2020

The Foundational Economy in Practice: Well-being and economic renewal

10th September 2020

Speakers: Lee Waters (Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport), Elin Hywel (Cwmni Bro) and Sophie Howe (Future Generations Commissioner for Wales).

Foundational Solutions and Social Justice

9th September 2020

Speakers: Rachel Reeves MP (Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office) and Fabrizio Barca (coordinator of Forum Disuguaglianze e Diversità and previously Italian state minister without portfolio for territorial cohesion from 2011 to 2013).


Foundational Economy 2.0 : building a sustainable future

8th September 2020

Speakers: Teis Hansen (Lund University), Lars Coenen (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences), Julie Froud (Manchester University).

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