The WISERD Education Data Lab will undertake six main activities:
1.    Source and link relevant educational data through the Wales ADRC – this could include data collected by schools, intervention trials, survey data (such as the WISERDEducation Multi Cohort Study), government agencies (such as Qualifications Wales and the Education Workforce Council), and other external organisations (such as the WJEC, FFT Education Ltd., GL Assessment);
2.    To undertake an annual programme of data analysis using routinely collected data to investigate a wide variety of educational issues – such topics could include: attainment gaps; within-school differential attainment; subject-level attainment; learner trajectories; progress in achievement; patterns of non-attendance; geographical patterns in educational outcomes; teacher recruitment, mobility and promotion;
3.    To develop and utilise innovations in data mining, data visualisation, statistics and data integration;
4.    To disseminate and publish results that will help inform education policy-makers and producers, including the establishment of an international network of education data labs;
5.    Provide a data analysis service to education and programme providers;
6.    Undertake training and capacity building in the use of administrative education data for education researchers.