The aim of the WISERD Education Data Lab is to generate high quality research-based evidence to help inform and challenge our understanding of educational processes and outcomes to support the Wales education sector meet the aims of Education in Wales: our national mission 2017-2021. The WISERD Education Data Lab will undertake independent analysis of administrative education data, survey data and data linkage and undertake knowledge exchange and public dissemination of its findings to inform national debate on some of the most contemporary and pressing educational issues facing Wales.

The key features of the WISERD Education Data Lab will be:
•    independent from national and local governments, government agencies and education providers
•    complements national recognised and world-leading educational research undertaken in WISERD
•    embedded in an international network of educational expertise and methodological innovation
•    quality assurance obtained through regular peer-review procedures
•    adheres to ethical and data governance requirements

The key objectives of the WISERD Education Data Lab will be to:
•    generate analysis that is high quality, robust and rigorous
•    address educational issues that are of relevance to all stakeholders in the educational sector
•    develop a research agenda informed by existing evidence and knowledge to address gaps in understanding
•    innovate in the dissemination of research outputs using variety of media, including social media
•    undertake training and capacity building for educational researchers from across the education sector (including teacher practitioners, local government researchers and university researchers)
•    seek additional funding to support the work and development of the Data Lab
•    to establish an international network of education data labs

It is important to note that the work of the WISERD Education Data Lab will not contribute to the accountability of schools. Schools will only be identified by the research team where there is evidence of impact from particular interventions being studied.

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