How to join

The WISERD Education Data Lab have established a user group for those who are occasional or regular users of education administrative data in Wales . The aim of the group is to provide a forum for users to share questions, advice and information about education administrative data. To enable this the Data Lab have established an email forum that users can subscribe (and unsubscribe from). This allows users to send and receive email messages to and from the rest of the group with ease. Furthermore, the jiscmail service we are using archives all email messages that members can search and access.
In addition to the email subscription service the WISERD Education Data Lab is committed to organising face to face meetings of the User Group and putting on workshops on using education administrative data over the next few years.

Instructions to subscribe and unsubscribe from the user group are below. The User Group is likely to be quite small so we are not expecting many emails to be circulated. But if the service begins to be frequently used then we would advise setting up a folder in your email account to automatically filter messages in to. Although anyone who uses education administrative data can join the User Group email list the WISERD Education Data Lab remains the moderator to ensure membership is only granted to credible users and that the email service is used appropriately.


The jiscmail email address for this group is WISERD-WEDUG@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

And the list homepage for the User Group is available at



There are two ways to subscribe:

  1. You can subscribe to the email list by registering here.
  2. Alternatively new subscribers can join by sending an email to with the following information in the email:

Subject: Subscribe

Message: SUBSCRIBE WISERD-WEDUG Firstname Lastname



Once registered you will be sent details how to unsubscribe. If you have any problems please just contact the WISERD Education Data Lab <>



There are two ways of posting on the email list:

  1. Go to your list home page and log in, choose the POST NEW MESSAGE button and SEND.
  2. Post a message by sending an email to – compose your message & send!



This list is configured as a PRIVATE mailing list

  • Who can subscribe to the list: owners have to approve all subscriptions
  • Who can send messages to the list: only subscribers
  • Can the list be found in a search on the jiscmail website: No
  • Will the archives be publicly available through search engines: No
  • If someone replies to a message, where will it go? Replies are sent to the list
  • Who can view the subscriber names/emails: Only list owner(s)
  • Can I send messages with attachments/documents? No



By using the WISERD-WEDUG your personal data (email address, name) may be used by the list owner to manage your membership, support you in using this mailing list, to identify problems or to make the mailing list better.

If you post messages to this mailing list, be aware that any personal data you share within your email (email address, name and signature information) will be visible to other registered users. To check who else may view your message and personal data, check the mailing list archive privacy setting, which is displayed at

Your email will continue to be subscribed to the mailing list until you ask the list owner, or JiscMail Helpline to remove your details. Any email messages you post to the mailing list will remain in the mailing list web-accessible archives, until you ask the list owner, or JiscMail helpline to remove these details. NB We have decided that this email list will not be available to public searches. This means that messages (incl when archived) will only be available to other registered users.