The importance of work features in UK policy discussions about building back better, levelling up and raising productivity. Improving working lives is also at the forefront of policies launched by the devolved governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The overarching aim of the Skills and Employment Survey (SES) is to collect robust survey data on the skills and employment experiences of people working in Britain. The SES forms part of a series of surveys of workers that stretches back over 35 years.  These cross-sectional surveys provide the means to chart and explain the changing pattern of job quality and skills over time.


Professor Alan Felstead has been a member of the project teams responsible for five of the seven surveys in the SES series and has been the Principal Investigator for the surveys conducted since 2012. The series is a crucial part of the social science research infrastructure which has enabled the wider academic and policy-making community to address evidence gaps in relation to work, employment and skills and has provided the basis for many publications.  The academic importance of the SES series was recognised in 2014 when the UK Data Service selected the series for inclusion in the ‘curated collection’.





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