Professor of Politics
Cardiff University


My core intellectual interests have long since extended beyond those of France, and a string of funded research projects have allowed me to develop a broad comparative research agenda in governance: territorial and multi-level governance (especially comparative devolution), public administration and the State, public policy (education, training, research, the knowledge economy), Europeanisation and European Integration (mainly through the specific lens of the Franco-German relationship and of Franco-British relations).

These distinct fields converge around a set of research questions around the related themes of governance and capacity building.

Building Trust? Institutions and interactions of multi-level governance in the UK Germany and France
Overview This project utilised a mixed-methods design incorporating interviews, focus groups, a scoping analysis of secondary quantitative data and a cross-national survey to explore the role of trust and transparency within the context of multi-level governance. The core
Research Team:
Alistair Cole (Cardiff University), Ian Stafford (Cardiff University), Dominic Heinz (Cardiff), Stuart Fox (Brunel University London)
Working Paper
Trust-transparency paradoxes: proceedings of an international conference
This short publication presents the main proceedings of an international conference held at Sciences Po Lyon, France, on 4 May 2018. The symposium pulled together several research initiatives around the central theme of trust–transparency paradoxes. Trust (and its corollary...
Reports and Briefings
Trust and Transparency in multi-level governance: new findings from the French regions
The issues of Trust and transparency lay at the heart of contemporary debates regarding governance and democracy. Measures of trust and transparency (in the national leadership, in the conduct of professional politicians, in diffuse affect for the political regime) have been...
Journal Articles
Réforme régionale et gouvernance multi-niveaux: la défiance des français
Montée des populismes, abstention récurrente, rejet des structures partisanes, profonde défiance vis-à-vis des élites politiques en général… La crise démocratique qui touche la France (comme d’autres pays comparables) n’est pas chose nouvelle1. Les derniers résultats d’une...
Journal Articles
Serving the nation: Devolution and the civil service in Wales
This article deals with issues relating to trade union density and the fact that while over the past 30 years, union densities have followed a declining path in all regions, this retreat was not uniform across space. Analysis of the Labour Force Survey reveals that Wales...
Localities | September 2011
Conference Trust-Transparency Paradoxes
4th May 2018 |
This free one day conference explores the overarching theme of trust-transparency paradoxes. The conference panels are organised on:- 1. The relationship between trust and transparency in a context of multi-level governance: 2. The links between...
Measuring trust and transparency: Exploring a mixed methods approach
5th May 2016 |
The perceived decline in trust in democracy and government has become a cliché of our times. Furthermore, transparency has frequently been identified as a potential remedy to this phenomena. However, both the concepts of ‘trust’ and ‘transparency’...