Professor of Social Theory & Institutions
Bangor University

Howard Davis is Professor of Social Theory and Institutions at Bangor University. He was Co-Director of WISERD from 2008-2018 and Head of the School of Social Sciences at Bangor from 1999-2007. He worked previously at the universities of Kent, Glasgow and Edinburgh. His main areas of research are social theories of culture and creativity; cultural formations and transitions in post-Soviet societies; social identities at local, national and international levels; research methods for the sociological analysis of culture, language and identities. His current focus is on themes arising from the project on local civic participation, part of the WISERD Civil Society Research Centre. Previously, Howard was the leader of the Bangor team for the EU-funded EuroIdentities project coordinated by Professor Robert Miller from Queen’s University, Belfast.

Knowing Localities: Responses to Redundancy at AA
Overview This project was concerned with the impact on workers, their families and neighbourhoods of the closure of the Anglesey Aluminium (AA) smelter in September 2009, formerly one of the major employers in the Holyhead area. Previous studies of the impact of factory
Research Team:
Alexandra Plows (Bangor University), Howard Davis (Bangor University), Rhys Davies (Cardiff University)
Social Participation and Identity - NCDS Project
Overview This project was a joint venture with the Institute of Education, Centre for Longitudinal Studies and the ESRC Centre for Research on Socio-cultural change (Manchester University). The main study, funded by ESRC, undertook 180 qualitative interviews with cohort
Research Team:
Amanda Coffey (Cardiff University), Huw Beynon (Cardiff University), Kate Moles (Cardiff University), Ian Stafford (Cardiff University), Alexandra Plows (Bangor University), Gareth Rees (Cardiff University), Gareth Williams, Howard Davis (Bangor University), Ian Rees Jones (Cardiff University), Jesse Heley (Aberystwyth University), Laura Jones (Aberystwyth University), Rhys Jones (Aberystwyth University), Martin Jones (Staffordshire University)
Journal Articles
Four domains of students’ sense of belonging to university
Students’ sense of belonging is known to be strongly associated with academic achievement and a successful life at university. To achieve a comprehensive understanding of belonging, this study collected data via the 10 Words Question. Responses from 426 participants were...
January 2019
Books and Book Chapters
Touraine, Alain (1925-)
Alain Touraine's distinctive contributions to sociology include his sociological theory of action, the method of ‘sociological intervention’ in the study of social movements, and his critique of modernity which offers a ‘post-social’ approach to contemporary societies. This...
January 2015
Journal Articles
Reframing Society and Culture in Post-Soviet Russia
Comparative Sociology 10(5) pp 710-734 How far have social theorists in Russia engaged with the international academic world since the era dominated by Soviet-style historical materialism? Mainstream theories in sociology and ‘culturology’ use new vocabulary but remain loyal...
Civil Society, Localities | November 2011
Journal Articles
Inside Out: An English dispersal into North-West Wales
Immigrants and minorities 28(1) pp 42-69 This article is based on an empirical baseline study undertaken in 2005 which examined the experience of ‘the English’ who have moved and settled into north-west Wales. The movement of the British/white groups and their experiences...
Localities | March 2010
Conference Changing Wales: WISERD at 10
17th October 2018 |
The Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) will be celebrating ten years of research that has helped address some of the key social challenges facing Wales on Wednesday 17th October. This invitation only event will...
Conference WISERD Annual Conference 2017
5th July 2017 |
Bangor University
Wales' largest social science conference was held in Bangor on 5 & 6 July 2017. Keynotes speakers for this conference included: Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and Hilary Wainwright Co-Editor “Red Pepper” magazine.
Bowling together? Civil society in a north east Wales village
16th March 2016 |
Bangor University
In this seminar we presented emergent findings from the WISERD civil society project "civil participation in Wales, in place, and over time". The publication of Putnam’s Bowling Alone (1995) provoked an important debate as to whether participation...
Seminar Doing Justice to Girls
8th May 2013 |
Presented by Dr Gilly Sharpe, School of Law, University of Sheffield This series of seminars was organised by WISERD’s team at Bangor University. Details about other seminars in the series are available below. Date Speaker Title 30 January Professor...
Seminar Does Your Carer Take Sugar? Caring as a Human Right
17th April 2013 |
Presented by Professor Luke Clements, Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University This series of seminars was organised by WISERD’s team at Bangor University. Details about other seminars in the series are available below. These events are free and open...