Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Howard Davis is Emeritus Professor in the School of History, Law and Social Sciences at Bangor University. He was Co-Director of WISERD from 2008-2018 and Head of the School of Social Sciences at Bangor from 1999-2007. He worked previously at the universities of Kent, Glasgow and Edinburgh. His main areas of research are social theories of culture and creativity; cultural formations and transitions in post-Soviet societies; social identities at local, national and international levels; research methods for the sociological analysis of culture, language and identities. His recent publications are on themes arising from the project on local civic participation, part of the WISERD Civil Society Research Centre. He is co-author, with Marta Eichsteller, of Biographical Research Methods (Sage, forthcoming 2022). Previously, Howard was the leader of the Bangor team for the EU-funded Euroidentities project coordinated by Professor Robert Miller from Queen’s University, Belfast.

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