Lecturer in Education
Cardiff Metropolitan University


Nigel's research includes work on graduate employees, student course choice, formative assessment, school culture, curriculum reform and school governance. He has provided teacher training and consultancy in relation to fostering student leadership, learning motivation and employability skills.

He recently coordinated research, “Successful Futures for all”, funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales which explored the potential impact of curriculum reform in Wales on children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This was also a capacity building project organised around a hub project, conducted by Nigel, and partner projects led by researchers at five other Welsh universities. As a result of this research, Nigel was invited to present evidence to the Children, Young People and Education Committee of the National Assembly for Wales.

Nigel's PhD research explored the relationship between school culture and students' educational engagement. The research was carried out in Quaker schools in England and the findings point to the importance of a disposition towards inclusiveness in relation to students’ willingness to engage in the learning opportunities their school provides.

Previously, he taught English, Classical Civilisation & World Development mainly in Further Education. He also wrote for the TES FE Focus on a range of subjects including college marketing, lecturer professionalism and the 'skills economy'.

Nigel has written academic papers on research methods, curriculum reform, school culture and educational theory. A recent paper explores the place of knowledge within the curriculum and drew on the work of Michael Polanyi and Michael FD Young.

Research Interests

Nigel is interested in the complex relationships between personal values & interests, school & organisational cultures and social structures, and the way we can find out about any of these things. He is concerned with social justice and equity within educational systems.

Live pilot: the School Governor Reflections Resource
Aim The project has these two primary aims: Promote engagement with the School Governors Reflections Resource; Ensure the sustainability of the resource over the medium term (next 12 – 24 months). We also hope the project will allow us to explore further opportunities to
Research Team:
Nigel Newton (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
Development of the new curriculum in Pioneer schools
Research Questions How are Pioneer Schools developing the new curriculum in a way which benefits all learners? What are Pioneer Schools doing to ensure that the implementation of the new curriculum benefits all learners, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds? What
Research Team:
Sally Power (Cardiff University), Chris Taylor (Cardiff University), Nigel Newton (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
Workshop School Governors Reflections Resource Launch
9th December 2020 |
We are pleased to invite you to the launch of a new website designed to support the work of school governors in Wales. The School Governors Reflections Resource draws on research* conducted by Dr Nigel Newton (WISERD, Cardiff University) and was...
Seminar Growing up in Wales: young people’s perspectives and prospects
28th November 2018 |
Over the past six years, the WISERDEducation Multi Cohort Study (WMCS) has made an important contribution to understanding the lives of young people in Wales, by conducting an annual survey of over 1,000 young people, aged eight to 18-years-old. A...