Prior to joining the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University in 2004 as a Professorial Fellow, Sally Power was based at the Institute of Education, University of London, where she was Head of the School of Educational Foundations and Policy Studies and Director of the Education Policy Research Unit. Before that she also worked at the Universities of Bristol, Warwick and West of England.

Her research interests focus on the relationship between education, civil society and inequality, and particularly social class differentiation, as well as the relative success and failure of education policies designed to promote greater equality of opportunity.

Alongside her role as Co-Director of WISERD, she co-directs the WISERDEducation Multi-Cohort Study (WMCS) and an ESRC project on ‘Excluded Lives’ which, in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast, and the Universities of Edinburgh and Oxford, examines the nature of school exclusions across the UK.  She is also a Theme Leader within the ESRC/WISERD Civil Society Research Centre.

She is an elected fellow of the Learned Society for Wales and the Academy of Social Sciences.


Interview with Professor Sally Power, Cardiff University

Professor Sally Power from Cardiff University discusses some of the latest findings from the WISERD Education Multi-Cohort Study (WMCS), which tracks the progress of children and young people as they go through secondary education in Wales. Professor Power highlights the importance of this ongoing cohort study in providing evidence for policymakers and practitioners, enabling them to put measures and policies in place to improve the lives of young people in Wales.

Sally Power Bio