Annual Conference 2024

“What would a fairer society look like? How can social science research deepen our understanding of the mechanisms that lead to long-term and persistent inequalities? How can we contribute to impactful policies that can deliver a more fair and inclusive society?.“

‘Research methodologies and regional or minority language research’ Conference

Confirmed Speakers: Dr Jone Goirigolzarri-Garaizar,  Prifysgol Deusto  a Dr Ane Ortega, Equiling project Professor Leigh Oakes, Queen Mary University of London Professor Bernadette O’Rourke, University of Glasgow Professor Marco Tamburelli, Bangor University   In-person event organised WISERD Research Centre Language Network, Centre for Welsh Politics and Society Aberystwyth University, and UniNet – NPLD University Network   Context As…

7th Foundational Economy Conference – Making things work: social innovation for liveability

Our challenge is making things work when market and state are not delivering foundational liveability. With the “cost of living crisis“ markets are not reliably and affordably providing essentials like energy and food for low and medium income households. Governments struggle to manage short term crises and dodge the long term costs of system renewal….