Dr Igor Calzada featured in list of 100 Most Influential Academics in Government

100 Most Influential Academics in Government - graphic showing thumbnails of each person

Dr Igor Calzada has been featured in Apolitical’s 100 Most Influential Academics in Government list. Public servants were invited to nominate the academics who are the most influential to the work of government.

Dr Calzada’s work intersects digital, urban, and political transformations, paying special attention to regional governments on 1. smart city citizenship, 2. benchmarking city-regions, and 3. digital rights/citizenships and data co-operatives. He is the author of the recent monograph, Smart City Citizenship, published by Elsevier.

The Apolitical list highlights work that’s influenced the policymaking process by providing insights into policy problems, contributing innovative ideas and solutions, or adding relevant and informative data. Each nominee on the list is committed to improving the work of government, and their research has already made an impact.

This year, Apolitical recognised academics working in five timely policy areas that are the focus of government work around the world. The areas represent problems being faced by government everywhere, and present an opportunity for intergovernmental collaboration. They are:

  • Recovery from Covid-19
  • Employment and skills
  • Social policy
  • Climate and sustainability
  • Policymaking processes and approaches

Great policy research from academic institutions isn’t always able to cut-through and make an impact. But when research does resonate with policymakers, it has the potential to steer the direction of government. Therefore, academic research remains a vital source of information and innovation.

You can read the original news item and see the full list on Apolitical’s website.